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Send money abroad

At Tangle, we understand that sending money overseas can often be a complex task, filled with hidden charges and fluctuating rates. To help you navigate through this process, we’ve compiled a comprehensive comparison chart featuring our top financial partners who offer the service of international money transfers.

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Provider Recipient gets Fee
Wise 999.09 € 0.91 €
Revolut 998.78 € 1.22 €

At Tangle, our aim is to ensure that you get the most cost-effective solution when you need to send money abroad. Our comparison chart offers detailed insights into international money transfer rates, service fees, processing times, and user reviews, all available for your perusal. You can easily view and compare various money sending services at your convenience, ultimately choosing the one that perfectly meets your needs.

Bear in mind, when sending money overseas, it’s not just about sourcing the service with the lowest fees; it’s equally important to understand the speed of transaction, reliability of the service, and the quality of customer support. We encourage you to scrutinize all these facets before making your decision to ensure a smooth money transfer experience.

In addition, we routinely update our website with practical tips and advice on how to maximize your international transactions when you need to transfer money overseas. We provide insights into the factors affecting exchange rates, useful guidelines to plan your transfers effectively, and valuable advice on how to avoid scams. Here at Tangle, we are committed to making your experience of sending money abroad as straightforward, secure, and efficient as possible.

By choosing Tangle for your international money transfer needs, you’re taking the first step towards efficient, hassle-free transactions. So, whether you’re looking to send money to a family member abroad, pay an international invoice, or support a friend overseas, let Tangle guide you through the process.