A New Center for IOTA Innovation

Tangle EE is a working group collaboration with the Eclipse Foundation. It provides a governed environment for organizations and contributors to develop new ideas and applications using IOTA technologies.

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Streamlining Development on IOTA

Tangle EE provides a governance framework for building projects on IOTA. Organizations can now join the Tangle EE working group and shape the development of exciting future technologies, starting with Unified Identity and Decentralized Marketplaces.

Strengthening Commercial Collaboration

Tangle EE is an environment for organizations from across business and academia to work together. The group will develop new open-source solutions and provide thought-leadership in key IOTA use case areas.

Growing IOTA's Ecosystem

Tangle EE brings the IOTA and Eclipse ecosystems together. Combining intellectual and development resources, we accelerate IOTA's innovation and adoption.

TANGLE EEOur Guiding

  • Improved Governance

    Tangle EE gives both industry and our community a shared legal and licensing framework so they can focus on development, knowing that any projects can be safely distributed as commercial products.

  • Transparency

    The Eclipse framework ensures that development is transparent and that anyone can participate. Interested parties can choose to contribute or simply monitor progress.

  • Open Source

    The Eclipse Foundation is a non-profit open-source organization that is supported by over 275 organizational members. The foundation is home to frameworks for a wide range of technology domains including IoT, automotive and systems engineering.

  • Public Engagement

    The Eclipse and IOTA ecosystems combine to accelerate awareness of IOTA, actively encouraging more developers and organizations to have a seat at the development table.

Follow the Progress of Tangle EE as it Develops

Tangle EE is already working to accelerate commercial adoption of IOTA. We launch with projects for Decentralized Identity and Decentralized Marketplaces.

You can follow the ongoing development through the Tangle EE mailing list.

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