Cutting Edge Projects

Build, innovate and collaborate on Decentralized Ledger Technology

The Tangle EE working group is comprised of various projects. Each project explores a particular use case on IOTA.

Together with our commercial and academic partners, we provide thought-leadership and develop libraries, applications, documentation, and examples that allow our ecosystem to build innovative solutions with the Tangle.

All projects are governed by Eclipse and are open-source by default.

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Unified Identity

This project involves building an interoperable trust infrastructure that enables identity for people, organizations and things. We will develop a high-level protocol and further tooling to encourage adoption of decentralized identity on IOTA.

Decentralized Marketplaces

The aim of this project is to enable organizations to easily deploy and participate in decentralized marketplaces. We will develop an extendable toolkit to enable real-time trading of data, products, and services.

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