Work towards a shared vision

Collaborate in building innovative solutions on IOTA

Tangle EE provides an opportunity to:

  • Join projects and have your say about the direction of IOTA development
  • Network with other member organizations
  • Interact with the Eclipse and IOTA developer communities

To join a project and have your say, become a member of the Tangle EE Working Group.

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Tangle EE enables an open, governed development process

Tangle EE projects are governed by the Eclipse Foundation whose open governance allows you to focus on your organization’s needs rather than establishing legal and licensing frameworks. All Tangle EE projects are licenced under Apache version 2.0.

FAQFrequent questions

Why would I want to join a Tangle EE project?

To have your say on IOTA development: Tangle EE projects provide an environment for developing open-source specifications, reference implementations, and software. By joining a project and providing insight, you can ensure the technology meets the needs of your organization.

Why would I want to contribute to a project?

To maintain open standards: All projects are interoperable, making them more attractive to potential customers.

To keep your code compatible with the project: If you update a project without sharing the changes, you risk not being able to use future versions of it.

To showcase your skills: When you contribute to an open source project, you show others the quality of your work

Find out more about why organizations are using open source.

Do I have to pay to join?

It depends on your organization: To get involved with a Tangle EE project, organizations need to become a member, which may involve a fee.

Associate membership is free for non-for-profit organizations, standards bodies, universities, research institutes, media and publishing, governmental bodies and other organization types as defined by the Eclipse Foundation board of directors.

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