Make a difference

Contribute to new technologies

By contributing to Tangle EE projects you have a chance to work alongside and connect with world-leading companies and research departments. Committed developers that demonstrate real value are invited to have a seat at the table and join in with discussions.

Learn how the contribution process works and get involved.

How to Contribute

Become a Contributor

After accepting the Eclipse Contribution Agreement you can submit pull requests to Tangle EE projects. Contributors that impress can become committers and have a say in the project.

Become a Committer

Committers have access to source repositories and can join in with the working group. New committers are nominated based on merit.

Report Bugs

Community bug reporting is an important part of software improvement. Open a pull request or open an issue to report any bugs you find in a project.

FAQFrequent questions

Where can I find out more about the technology?

IOTA documentation: The official documentation has everything you need to start learning about IOTA.

YouTube tutorials: The official IOTA tutorials walk you through the setup of projects such as Hub and Compass.

Who can I talk to about IOTA projects and technology?

Community platforms: IOTA has a vibrant community that discusses IOTA technology on a variety of platforms such as Discord and Reddit. IOTA Foundation members are active on both.

Meetups: You can attend meetups where community members can network and discuss IOTA-related topics.

How can I become a Tangle EE Contributor?

You must first sign the Eclipse Contribution Agreement. Contributors can get involved with projects by opening pull requests.

For more information, see the contribution guidelines

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