A Digital Trust Layer

IOTA’s Tangle technology provides truth, reliability and security connecting our digital and physical worlds.

The Tangle is a permissionless, feeless, scalable distributed ledger, designed to support trustworthy data and value transfer between humans and machines.

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Start your journey with IOTA by visiting our documentation portal. Find more information about how IOTA works, what it enables and how you can use it.

NetworkDiscover the IOTA Ecosystem

Discover IOTA projects, view meet-ups or connect with developers. The IOTA ecosystem is a thriving community of developers and technologists committed to innovating with IOTA technologies.

What we say

“The IOTA Discord community is more than just an online chat group. It's people coming together to educate, foster growth and help turn ideas into real working products.”

Hamoun Karami, CEO & Founder of Lidbot

“IOTA is not only a technology, but also an inspiration and motivator for developing the future of a machine economy.”

Daniel Trauth, Division Director Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Technologies WZL of RWTH Aachen University

“It is essential for the mass adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies to make tangible applications that everyone can see, touch and experience. That's exactly what the IOTA community, developers and corporate partners are doing.”

Nino Ulrich, Co-Founder of AKITA Blockchain Solutions

“I have never seen as many engagements and talents than in the IOTA community. I'm proud to be one of its members”

Mathieu Viossat, Co-Founder of thetangle.org

“It’s rare to see the vision & passion personified by the IF team. Focused on advancing the global state of knowledge in DLT and cryptography, they never resort to hype & hyperbole. I am fortunate to have discovered IOTA in its early stages and look forward to contributing to its continued growth & success.”

Terry Shane, Founder of bIOTAsphere.com

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